Odis Group

Odis Group

ODIS Ltd. was founded in 1976 and is privately owned. All ODIS products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality control standards. ODIS Group includes several companies, specializing in a different line of products.


ODIS Irrigation Equipment Ltd.

Manufactures a large variety of manually and automatically operated filters and filtering systems for controlling water impurities. As a world leader in its field, ODIS exports filters, filter arrays and complete filtering systems to countries in five continents, including the U.S.A., Holland, Japan, France, Spain and Australia.

In ODIS Irrigation Equipment product line: screen filters, automatic circulating and automatic self-cleaning filters, sand and gravel filters, hydrocyclones, fertilizer units and tanks, manifolds and connecting accessories.


ODIS Filtering Ltd.

ODIS Filtering Ltd. specializes in design and manufacturing of automatic water and wastewater treatment systems for environmental and industrial applications. Please visit ODIS Filtering Web Site at: http://www.odisfiltering.com