Selecting odis filters

Selecting ODIS Filters

ODIS Ltd., manufactures filters, separators manifolds, filtering equipment and modular filter-arrays, designed to achieve the highest standards of quality and finish thus providing long lasting reliable and trouble-free operation.

To obtain the desired level of filtering quality, appropriate filtering equipment must be selected, taking into consideration the water source and the varying types and quantities of water impurities. It should always be kept in mind that there is no single filtering system that filters all kinds of water impurities.


To help make a preliminary choice of filters, the main points to consider are:

  • Maximum and minimum water pressure.
  • Future needs and modifications.
  • Type of Irrigation system (sprinklers, micro sprinklers or drip irrigation).
  • Type and quantity of impurity in the water.
  • Required water flow (capacity).
  • Required water quality
  • Required filtration (mesh size or microns).
Type of impurity Filtration Solutions
  • Sand (Wells)
  • Hydrocyclone Separators
  • Automatic Circulation Filters
  • Algae
  • Organic Matter (River water, Reservoirs)
  • Media Filters
  • OdisMatic┬« Filters
  • Automatic Circulation Filters
    (According to dirt quantities)
  • Suspended Solids
  • Silt (Rivers, Lakes, Channels)
  • Media Filters
  • Wastewater Reuse
    (Wastewater after secondary treatment)
  • Multi-Media Filters
  • OdisMatic┬« Filters (According to dirt quantities)
  • Iron and Manganese Removal (Wells)
  • Oxidation (by chemical treatment or air)
    And Multi-Media Filtration
  • Greenhouses Leachate Recycling
  • Multi-Media Filtration and Disinfection
    (by UV, chlorine, ozone)