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About us

ODIS Ltd. was founded in 1976 and is privately owned. All ODIS products are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality control standards. ODIS Group includes several companies, specializing in a different line of products.

Odis has vast experience in manufacturing filters for irrigation since 1976. Odis products can be found all around the world. ODIS product line includes screen filters, automatic circulating filters; automatic self-cleaning filters; sand and gravel media filters; hydrocyclones; fertilizer units and tanks; manifolds; and connecting accessories.

Odis innovative products and solutions, combined with its long time experienced team, enable us to treat all types of water.

All of Odis' products are manufactured in-house, thus ensuring high standard product with significant emphasis on raw material quality, coating process perfection and quality of manufacturing. Odis products are well known for their long life and high quality under rough operation conditions.

Among our customers are the world's leading irrigation companies.

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